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We only have like 2 muji stores in australia and they’re both in melbourne (cries), so when i was there a few weeks ago i bought like 10

but i have friends from HK so they offer to buy them for me :D :D :D

THEY’RE SO SMOOTH AND FINE (wow it sounds like i’m talking about a boy here..)

Was just wondering if you've ever tried using binural beats for studying?


Ooh, this is interesting, because I just tried them out last night! I was going to do a kind of myth-busting “does this technique really work” series, so maybe I should do it now.

So binaural beats are supposed to increase your concentration and awakeness at certain frequencies, or to help you sleep or lucid dream at others. I tried out 40hz (gamma waves), which is supposed to increase concentration and focus.

Here is the video I listened to.

Honestly, I think it did help me focus! I will definitely use it in the future when I need to concentrate badly. The sound itself wasn’t irritating, as I had feared it might be, and it definitely blocked out distractions and seemed to make the time pass more quickly, and I definitely got more done than I normally would listening to music. I retained the information I was learning well, but then again that’s not the only time I’d revised it, so I can’t tell how much of that was down to the binaural beats.

I’d say try them out and see if they work for you, but I think the placebo effect is probably at play here. I think part of the success of this method is that there is only one tone involved, so you can’t be distracted by following a tune.

I will probably keep using them to see if they’re useful over a longer period of time (and when I’m learning new material, rather than testing myself the night before an exam) but I think I’ll continue to listen to instrumental and non-instrumental music too.

Draw me a picture! :)


omg nooo, fun fact about me #1, i cannot draw for absolute shit but i’ll do something quick haha

here goes nothing — guess where..!